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Abolish the Death Penalty

90 million Americans believe the death penalty is wrong. We mobilize them to end the death penalty state by state.
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Claire Moshenberg

Claire Moshenberg

Claire Moshenberg is a writer, editor, and online organizer. She has an extensive background in developing online and on the ground campaign strategies for state and national campaigns. Her writing has appeared on the Huffington Post, MomsRising, Yahoo Shine, Feministing, and more. She has campaigned for a range of issues including Environmental Health, Health Care, and Immigration Reform.

Blog Posts:

Maya Angelou: “A warrior for tolerance, equality, and peace.”

"She will be missed, but she will not be forgotten. We stand on her shoulders." --Professor Charles Ogletree Read More navigateright

Song of the Day: “Death Penalty” by Broke Brothers

"Two wrongs don't make it right"--new track from yesterday's Oklahoma death penalty rally.  Read More navigateright

WATCH: John Oliver’s Comic Take On Death Penalty, “It’s Like the McRib.”

New segment from John Oliver: "The death penalty is expensive, potentially kills innocent people, and doesn't deter crime."  Read More navigateright

Your Stories: #90mStrong On Oklahoma

Your Stories: #90mStrong On Oklahoma

These are the stories of the 90 million strong, reflecting on the impending double execution, and their own connections to Oklahoma. Read More navigateright

WATCH: Death Penalty Supporter Turns Vocal Opponent

John Breckenridge shares his transformation from death penalty supporter into vocal death penalty opponent on The Rachel Maddow Show.  Read More navigateright

Renny Cushing Weighs In On NH Tie Vote

"We will repeal the death penalty in NH," says Rep. Renny Cushing in this new video from the New Hampshire Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.  Read More navigateright

Execution Drug Secrecy: Is It Unconstitutional?

Is execution drug secrecy resulting in unconstitutional executions?  Read More navigateright