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Vicki Adams Werneke

Vicki Adams Werneke is a Federal Public Defender with 20 years of experience doing capital case work.  Among other clients, she was part of the legal team for former, Ohio death row inmate, Billy Slagle.

Blog Posts:

Loss of Hope

Loss of Hope

There are lessons to learn from Billy Slagle's case for everyone. I hope those in position to make the final decisions about a man’s life or death take heed of these lessons. The roller coaster of emotions that I, as a lawyer, experience is heart wrenching—but that is only a fraction of how Billy felt. Even in a case where there is no question of guilt, there remain serious questions about whether the death sentence was the appropriate punishment and the cat and mouse games played by those in power. Hope is a powerful thing and loss of hope can be deadly. Read More navigateright