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LegalWatch: U.S. Supreme Court Ends 2015-2016 Term, Decided Important Death Penalty Issues

The U.S. Supreme Court is wrapping up its 2015-2016 term this week. Starting all the way back at the beginning of last October, the Court decided two particularly noteworthy death penalty-related cases this term, and agreed to hear a third during its 2016-2017 term. Read More navigateright

Alabama’s Controversial Death Penalty System Could Be Getting Worse

Alabama’s Controversial Death Penalty System Could Be Getting Worse

Alabama is one of three states (Delaware and Florida are the others) that allow judges to override a jury’s sentencing decision in capital cases and issue a death sentence despite the jury’s recommendation to the contrary. On November 18, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case of Mario Woodward who was sentenced by an Alabama judge to death despite an 8-4 jury vote at trial against it. According to news accounts, the jury’s decision was influenced by multiple mitigating factors, including the importance of Woodward’s relationship with his children. Read More navigateright