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90 million Americans believe the death penalty is wrong. We mobilize them to end the death penalty state by state.
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90 Million Strong Campaign Endorses the Proposition 62 and Retain a Just Nebraska Campaigns

90 Million Strong Campaign endorses the Retain a Just Nebraska Campaign and the Justice That Works Campaign.

Leaders of more than 20 national organizations have put their weight behind efforts in California and Nebraska to end the death penalty and have asked their members to be active.

In California, voters are faced with dueling ballot initiatives. Proposition 62 would end the death penalty entirely, while proposition 66 would increase the risk of executing innocent people by eliminating safeguards and speeding up executions.

In Nebraska, voters are being asked whether or not to retain a law that was recently enacted to repeal the death penalty after years of study and debate and input from citizens across the state.

The choice is clear.

We all want a criminal justice system that is sensible and effective—a system that creates a safe society with less crime.

But that is not what the death penalty does. The murder rate is lowest in northeastern states, which have the lowest number of executions. In contrast, the states that carry out the most executions, which are primarily located in the South, have the highest murder rates.

These differences mean that we need to take a closer look at what does and does not deter crime, and take a common-sense approach to improving public safety. Everyone wants a world where neighborhoods are safe and communities are strong. An important part of getting there is identifying and addressing the root causes of crime and violence. We know that crime is most often the result of other issues being neglected-- mental health services, safe and affordable housing, quality education, and support for families.

The 90 Million Strong Campaign will be speaking out and contacting their members in California and Nebraska and across the country to urge them to join our efforts to end the death penalty. We will ask members to register to vote, pledge to vote and help get the word out about why now is the time to abolish the death penalty. Join us!

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