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#90mStrong Monday: “The justice system is extremely imperfect.”

#90mStrong Monday: “The justice system is extremely imperfect.”

Welcome to #90mStrong Mondays. Each week we’ll share a story from one of the 90 million people who opposes the death penalty. Are you one of the #90mstrong? Raise your voice to put an end to the death penalty! Share your story at

On secular and religious grounds (Christian specifically), I found the death penalty to be problematic and thus, unjust and immoral. It is problematic in every single aspect. From a secular perspective, innocent people are executed; it is haphazardly applied; in a lot cases race and socio-economic status are huge factors; the mentally ill are executed; and the death penalty costs four times more than life in prison.

From a Christian perspective, Jesus said not to use violence to resist an evil person (capital punishment is violence); Christians are called to emulate Christ during His ministry, and He never sentenced anyone to execution. We are all guilty of murder, via Christ’s standards, because we’ve all hated someone at one point or another; we are called to be ministers of reconciliation, not ministers of damnation; and only God is omniscient. Therefore, we have no idea if the people we are executing are truly guilty. The justice system has instances of being extremely imperfect, which is understandable considering it is run by fallible human beings – this should be a huge indication that the death penalty should be abolished.

Steven Salazar
Dundalk, Maryland

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