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Clayton Lockett’s Lawyer Responds to Governor Fallin

Clayton Lockett’s Lawyer Responds to Governor Fallin

A message from Clayton Lockett's attorney Dean Sanderford, Assistant Federal Defender with the Office of the Federal Public Defender, District of Colorado and Wyoming, in response to Governor Mary Fallin's press statements today regarding the botched execution of Clayton Lockett.

"Today Governor Fallin called for an 'independent review' of the botched execution of my client, Clayton Lockett, but she did not assign this duty to a neutral, third party with independent interests. Instead, she has charged the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety with the job. The DPS is a state agency, and its Commissioner reports to the Governor. As such, the review proposed by Governor Fallin would not be conducted by a neutral, independent entity. In order to understand exactly what went wrong in last night’s horrific execution, and restore any confidence in the execution process, the death of Clayton Lockett must be investigated by a truly independent organization, not a state employee or agency."

-Dean Sanderford, Attorney for Clayton Lockett, April 30, 2014

Join NCADP in demanding that Oklahoma halt all executions until an independent third party can carry out an investigation with full transparencyThe death penalty is clearly untenable and cannot continue. The state of Oklahoma shrouded the entire execution process in secrecy and undermined public confidence in our criminal justice system and our democracy by threatening to impeach the Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices who voted to stay the executions.  The government of Oklahoma sacrificed transparency and public accountability in favor of expediency – and the consequences were grotesque and preventable.  The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, The Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, and our allies will not be silent. Click here to sign on today. 

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