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Documentary Film for Fostering Advocacy

Documentary Film for Fostering Advocacy

Starting with documentary film, The Penalty, NCADP has kicked off its three month campaign of using documentary film to cultivate sustainable advocacy across our network of abolition advocates. We will be using our monthly webinar, Justice Powered By Information, as the platform for this series. Filmmakers and scholars have long spoken about the effective nature of film in fostering empathy and self-efficacy amongst viewers. The films we will be introducing will examine divisive issues facing capital punishment— as they connect across generations, identities, and geographies, cultivating a sustainable movement across the United States. We intend for our audience members, through the mode of advocacy storytelling, to consider the political, moral, and scientific complexity of the current state of death penalty in the United States.

Our series will have the directors and producers of the selected films translate to the audience the themes exhibited in the film, and how they intersect with current grassroots movements across social justice sectors. Audience members will walk away with better tangible skills used to engage the subject of abolition. Some examples of this are learning to better communicate across ideological differences, best practices for engaging and influencing lawmakers, and addressing root problems in violence as a means to preventing capital punishment.

Join us in our upcoming two Webinars, taking place in May and June, that will be showing films The Last Day of Freedom, and In the Executioners Shadow.

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