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Friday Roundup: Less Lethal Drugs, More Extreme Solutions

Friday Roundup: Less Lethal Drugs, More Extreme Solutions

While a shortage of lethal injection drugs is making it harder to carry out executions nationwide, some states are trying to bring back old execution methods to achieve their macabre goal. 

Electric chairs, firing squads, gas chambers and hanging – those methods of execution which seemed to belong to another age – are being seriously considered by some state lawmakers. The reason for the drug shortage is that manufacturers refuse on moral grounds to sell their products for use in executions.

Two-thirds of the world’s countries oppose the death penalty. As support for the death penalty hits an all time low and lethal injection drugs become unavailable,  some death penalty supporters and states are growing even more extreme. 

Here are some of the most recent pieces on extreme death penalty legislation and news across the country:


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