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New Hampshire House Passes SB 202 with Amendment to Repeal the Death Penalty

New Hampshire House Passes SB 202 with Amendment to Repeal the Death Penalty

Legislation to repeal the death penalty is making incredible progress in New Hampshire. Today the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 218-117 to include an amendment on SB202 to repeal the death penalty. The new, amended SB202 then passed the House by a vote of 226-110.  The bill will now go back to the Senate for reconsideration.

“The events in Oklahoma warrant giving legislators another opportunity this year to get New Hampshire out of the execution business,” said Representative Cushing.

The amendment, sponsored by Representatives Renny Cushing (D-Hampton) and John Cebrowski (R-Bedford) simply changes the penalty for capital murder from execution by lethal injection or hanging to life imprisonment without eligibility for parole.  It would go into effect immediately upon passage.

The New Hampshire Senate has been given a second chance this session to be on the right side of history. Today the New Hampshire House again marched the state toward progress, and we urge to Senate and Governor Maggie Hassan to quickly follow,” stated Diann Rust-Tierney, Executive Director of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.  “This would make New Hampshire the 7th State in 7 years to repeal the Death Penalty, pushed by the ever-growing number of Americans who believe that the death penalty must be abolished.”

HB 1170, repealing the death penalty, was approved in the House, 225 to 104, on March 12. On April 17th,  it attained a tie vote in the Senate of 12 to 12. The bill was tabled following the tie vote. The Senate will now have the opportunity to vote on the amended version of SB 202, a bill that has previously passed the Senate, and vote to end capital punishment.

If you live in New Hampshire or know anyone who does, now is a crucial time to contact your Senator to encourage him/her to support this measure. The bill could go to the Senate floor quickly, so don't delay!  New Hampshire residents, contact your Senators today!

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