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#NEWS: 153rd Person Added to List of Death Row Exonerees

#NEWS: 153rd Person Added to List of Death Row Exonerees

Mississippi death row inmate Willie Manning has just become the 153rd person to be added to the Death Penalty Information Center's (DPIC) growing list of exonerees. In three letters sent to the district attorney's office, the FBI admitted that the experts who testified against Manning had presented flawed forensic evidence involving hair analysis and ballistics. 

In a recent press release, Robert Dunham, the executive director of DPIC, has said:

It is always stunning when a man is exonerated from death row with evidence of his innocence, but Mr. Manning’s case presents the unimaginable possibility that an innocent man may have been wrongly convicted and sentenced to death in two different trials for two different offenses.

His cases present some of the classic hallmarks of innocence: racial overtones, unreliable witnesses, and police or prosecutorial misconduct. His second case includes an additional horrifying dimension – two different types of junk science masquerading as forensic evidence of his guilt.

You can read the full article on ThinkProgress at: How The FBI Majorly Screwed Up A Death Penalty Case And Admitted It Just In Time

The NCADP has created the 90 Million Strong Campaign to unite the voices of those who believe the death penalty is wrong. We need to demonstrate that the broad public support to end this practice is already here in America, and 90 million people speaking up can make a difference.

The 90 million people who oppose the death penalty are organized, energized, and ready to end capital punishment. Join us today.

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