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#NEWS: Texas Appeals Court Grants Stay of Execution for ‪Rodney Reed

#NEWS: Texas Appeals Court Grants Stay of Execution for ‪Rodney Reed

A Texas appeals court has granted a stay of execution for Rodney Reed, just 10 days before his scheduled March 5th execution. Rodney Reed has adamantely maintained that he is innocent of the murder of Stacy Stiles, and his lawyers insist that new evidence strongly supports his claim.

From the Guardian:

In a 6-2 verdict on Monday that was a response to an appeal filed by Reed’s lawyers, the Texas court of criminal appeals stayed the lethal injection that had been set down for 5 March. The court did not explain its decision. Reed’s attorneys argued they had new evidence proving his innocence and showing that the prosecution in the original trial presented false and misleading testimony. They are also calling for more DNA testing.

“The family is overjoyed, we’re happy beyond belief, but at the same time that it’s a major victory, it is just a step towards where we’re trying to go,” Reed’s brother, Rodrick, told the Guardian.

“We’re confident we’re going to get a new trial and that he’ll get exonerated with all the new evidence and the new witnesses.”

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Full stay from the court via Innocence Project:

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