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Parallel Justice for Victims of Crime

Parallel Justice for Victims of Crime

Parallel Justice for Victims of Crime (2012, National Center for Victims of Crime) by Susan Herman presents a new framework for delivering justice to victims.  Herman, who has more than 30 years of criminal justice experience, including eight years as executive director of the National Center for Victims of Crime, offers the metaphor of two ladders of justice—one for offenders and one for victims—with separate paths and responses.  The criminal justice system controls the path for offenders—which includes apprehension, persecution, sanctioning, and eventual reintegration into society.  Yet, the path to justice for victims “at every level—individual, community, and governmental—is ineffective, fragmented, and dismissive.” 

Herman argues that society has focused for too long on the prosecution and punishment of offenders, while leaving victims to recover alone and in silence.  Parallel Justice offers a conceptual theory and practical guidelines on how to incorporate this new vision of justice to better serve victims of crime.  Communities across the country have begun to embrace its principles.
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