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Weekly News Round-Up: 11/3/14 - 11/7/14

Weekly News Round-Up: 11/3/14 - 11/7/14

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MD Ag: State Lacks Authority To Execute Remaining Death Row Inmates… Texas Prepares To Execute Mentally Insane Man – Without Notifying His Defense… Ohio Ignores Public Backlash Against Death Penalty Secrecy Laws… Justice System’s Flaws In Texas Case Force Overturned Conviction, Retrial… Unexpected Groups Weigh Death Penalty’s Worth… Murder Victims’ Families Continue Stepping Out Against Death Penalty, Even In Their Own Cases…

…And Don’t Miss Our “Outrage Of The Week” And “Food For Thought.”

VICTORY! MD Ag Argues State Can’t Execute Remaining Death Row Inmates.

Attorney General files brief to end executions of four remaining Death Row inmates, arguing state no longer has “authority” to execute after ending death penalty. [Washington Post, 11/6/14]

Evangelicals Question Death Penalty’s Morality…

Illinois: Christian Wheaton College held forum on death penalty featuring exoneree and with “potential to reshape the way evangelicals in America think about the topic.” [Washington Post, 11/5/14]

...While Louisiana Studies The Death Penalty’s Financial Worth.

New commission formed to study cost of the death penalty to the state. [Fox 44, 11/6/14]

More Victims’ Families Come Out Against Executions In Death Penalty Cases

Oklahoma: KFOR:“Mother of Murdered Infant Asks Officials Not to Kill Convicted Man.” [KFOR, 11/3/14]

But…Texas Preps To Execute Mentally Insane Man – Without Notifying His Defense

Attorneys file motion to stop December 3rd execution of mentally ill inmate Scott Panetti, request competency review. [News 4 San Antonio, 11/5/14]

 “Texas officials should be called into account” if Panetti, his lawyers discovered execution date by media. Editorial, [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/4/14]

Ohio Ignores Public Backlash Against Death Penalty Secrecy…

Legislature plans to pass legislation lending anonymity to drug compounding pharmacies that make lethal injection drugs. [, 11/6/14]

And Flaws Abound In Texas  Death Penalty Case.

Death sentence thrown out, retrial ordered after court finds evidence withheld in trial; questionable jury selection also used. [Houston Chronicle, 11/5/14; Los Angeles Times, 11/5/14]


Outrage Of The Week:

"That is something that we cannot leave in abeyance, otherwise we're going to have people who pass away prior to execution.” – Ohio House Speaker William Batchelder on why legislature must pass death penalty policies to allow the state to move forward with executions during the lame duck session.

…Hair of the Dog:

Food For Thought

Op-Ed: “There has been a big change in American attitudes toward capital punishment during the last decade, and Europe has played a part in it.” [New York Times, 11/4/14]

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