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90 million Americans believe the death penalty is wrong. We mobilize them to end the death penalty state by state.
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We’re Thankful…

We’re Thankful…

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we at the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty are taking a moment to reflect on all the things we’re thankful for:

We are thankful for: The progress that we are making to end the death penalty.

We are thankful for: Each life that we are able to save through the collective efforts of a growing number of lawyers, advocates, survivors of homicide—keeping in mind the loved ones who were murdered, family members of people on death row, civil rights and religious leaders, community activists and citizens across the country.

We are thankful for: People who have dedicated their lives to building up those who have been harmed, and holding people accountable for the harm that they do with an eye toward redemption.

We are thankful for:  The hundreds of volunteers and community leaders, parents and teachers, social workers and churches, synagogues, temples and mosques that are bringing hope and light to communities and working to end violence.

We are thankful for:  YOU for all the support and commitment you have shown to our movement and organization.

We are thankful because we know that by this time next year we will be that much closer to the nation we were truly meant to be: a nation that is free of the death penalty.

Best wishes for a joyful Thanksgiving!

The NCADP has created the 90 Million Strong Campaign to unite the voices of those who believe the death penalty is wrong. We need to demonstrate that the broad public support to end this practice is already here in America, and 90 million people speaking up can make a difference.

The 90 million people who oppose the death penalty are organized, energized, and ready to end capital punishment. Join us today.

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