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Who Would Jesus Execute?

In an interview published earlier this year by the evangelical magazine, Sojourners, Richard Viguerie explains how his political conservative philosophy and Christian faith inform his opposition to capital punishment.

Richard Viguerie’s conservative political credentials are impeccable.  A leader of Young Americans for Freedom in the 1960’s, he became a pioneer in direct mail fundraising for conservative causes, becoming known as the “funding father” of modern conservative strategy in the United States.  He currently serves as the chairman of

“My position is you shouldn't be killing anybody before or after they're born,” Viguerie explains. “There are very few people on the Left or the Right who take that position.  I’m committed to trying to convert my fellow conservatives to be consistent on the life issue.”

This interview, “Who Would Jesus Execute?” written by Sojourners editor Jim Wallis, is well worth reading.

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