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Pending Case: William Morva, Virginia, 07/06/17

William Morva was sentenced to death for the the 2006 shooting deaths of Eric Sutphin and Derrick McFarland.

As a child, Mr. Morva was a sweet and compassionate boy that cared deeply about his close friends. During his senior year of high school, Mr. Morva began to exhibit odd behaviors. He dropped out before graduation. He started to eat mainly raw meat and cheese, and at times only nuts, berries, and pinecones, to treat a supposed gastrointestinal illness. Mr. Morva believed that the Bush Administration and the local police were targeting him. He also told friends that he had special powers that he was destined to use on a mission to save indigenous populations.

In 2005, Mr. Morva's psychological and physical conditions deteriorated while he was held in jail awaiting trial for an attempted robbery. After a year in jail, Mr. Morva was taken to a hospital to receive medical treatment. There, he killed a deputy and hospital security guard. During his trial, Mr. Morva's serious mental illness was downplayed.  Jurors only knew he had odd beliefs and a personality disorder. In 2014, a psychologist diagnosed Mr. Morva with delusional disorder and said that he committed his crimes as a result of his delusions.

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