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90 million Americans believe the death penalty is wrong. We mobilize them to end the death penalty state by state.
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90 Million Strong Campaign Update

“The day Troy Davis was murdered, I was at work.... I ducked into a bathroom stall, called my parents and cried.”

This sentiment, articulated by Naz Bagherzadeh from Arlington, Massachusetts on the 90 Million Strong Campaign Tumblr site, was probably shared by many opponents of the death penalty on that day two years ago.  Despite the fact that we may never have met Troy Davis or his family, the doubt that surrounded his case exemplified the extreme consequences of our justice system’s imperfections. Ms. Bagherzadeh was moved to tears because she believes the death penalty is categorically wrong. She writes, “I believe all people have the right to life, no matter what they have done.”

I understand her, and hearing her story gives me hope. Her deep moral connection to the abolition fight will not easily be dissuaded. Now that she is affiliated with a larger community through the 90 Million Strong Campaign’s online initiative she is linked with a network of abolitionists who share her commitment. She can more easily access information about abolition developments in the states and join actions that seek to influence governors, legislators and prosecutors.

I applaud Ms. Bagherzadeh’s contribution and urge you to join her by telling the world why you oppose the death penalty.

Since the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty unveiled the new 90 Million Strong Campaign last month, we have observed an impressive response from the materials and information we have distributed through our website, email, Facebook and Twitter. I encourage you to visit these online venues regularly and email my colleague, Anita Grabowski, with your feedback about what you are seeing.  I can tell you that with the new campaign NCADP has broken its record for online exposure and attention.

We look forward to expanding this success and continuing to build a stronger base of supporters for death penalty repeal. Please become an official member of the 90 Million campaign and urge your friends and colleagues to do so as well.  

For those of you located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, I also invite you to attend NCADP’s 90 Million Strong Campaign Kickoff this weekend.  You will hear from Maryland lawmakers about their successful repeal effort last year and learn more about what our new campaign has to offer.  The party and music will be a lot of fun too. You can purchase your tickets online. I look forward to seeing you there!